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ATABEY is handmade in Costa Rica, although it uses no Costa Rican tobacco at all; actually the entire blends of all Nelson Alfonso brands, the creative genius behind all Selected Tobacco Brands are unknown. Nelson would rather leave it to the imagination or the smoker.

ATABEY is named after the Supreme God of the Taino Indians. Worshiped at full moon ceremonies, tribe members would sit together in the act of COHIBA (smoking ritual) and blow their smoke over to their tribe leader, the BEHIKE who would raise his hands to heaven through the smoke he received and praise the goddess ATABEY. "This cigar is the next step up for premium cigars.

ATABEY comes in beautiful humidified Porcelain Jars of 25 or in the Humitube® a unique and effective humidifier cigar tube known for its double chamber system that let the cigar receive slow humidify thought the wall of the tube that make a balanced humidified cigar at all its length.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review